Practice Closure

Information as of June 1, 2023.

The practice closed 3/29/23. Dr. Hoyt has retired, and Dr. Kaplinsky is now working for Dr. Morgan at Mid Coast Vision Care in Rockland (see below). Ophthalmology assistant Leah, and receptionist Amy, have also moved to that office. The Hoyt Eye Care Center office building was purchased by Dr. Jeremiah LaBree, O.D. and is the new home of his optometry practice, Rockland Eye Care, formerly located on Oak St. in Rockland.


After 3/30/23, records of former Hoyt Eye Care Center patients will be available from Dr. Morgan’s office under their record policies. See #3 under ophthalmology care below for contact information. For anyone transferring care to, or continuing care with, Dr. Kaplinsky, record transfer will take place automatically.


Please contact your new ophthalmologist or optometrist. If you have not yet established care with someone, call your primary care provider for assistance.


Beginning May 9, 2023, certified optician Angela Edmondson is working for Coastal Family Eye Care (formerly McCormick and Bouchard Eye Care) at 5 Edward Ave, Damariscotta, ME 04543. Phone: (207) 563-3049.

Local options for ophthalmology care:

  1. Allan Bogdan, MD at Maine Coast Eye Care, 34 Old County Rd, Rockport.
    1. Phone: 596-6467.
    2. Not accepting new patients.
  2. Kaitlyn Nolan, MD at Lincoln Medical Partners Ophthalmology, 5 Miles Center Way, Damariscotta (MaineHealth employed).
    1. Phone: 563-3782.
    2. Not accepting new patients.
  3. Lyndon Morgan, MD, Serena Morrison, MD, and Lynne Kaplinsky, MD at Midcoast Vision Care, 96 Maverick St., Suite 2, Rockland and 158 Northport Ave., Belfast
    1. Phone: 338-2571 (Belfast), 596-6074 (Rockland)
    2. Accepting new patients only for Dr. Kaplinsky, only at the Rockland location.
  4. Lynne Kaplinsky, MD, formerly with Hoyt Eye Care, is now working for Dr. Morgan (#3 above) at his Rockland office.
    1.  Accepting new patients for Dr Kaplinsky only.

Local options for optometry care:

  1. Eric Hebert, OD 32 School St, Rockland
    1. Phone: 594-4171
    2. For now, not accepting new patients.
  2. Jeremiah LaBree, OD (Rockland Eye Care) 1100 Commercial St., Rockport
    1. Phone: 594-9555
    2. Accepting new patients
  3. Elizabeth Neville, OD or Nathan Neville, OD (Camden Hills Eye Care) 38 Curtis Ave., Camden
    1. Phone: 236-3429
    2. Not accepting new patients
  4. Anthony Lee, OD 247 Commercial St., Suite C, Rockport
    1. Phone: 236-2399
    2. Not accepting new patients
  5. John McCormick, OD, Michelle Bouchard, OD, William Beveridge, OD (Coastal Family Eye Care)  5 Edwards Ave., Damariscotta
    1. Phone: 563-3049
    2. Accepting new patients
  6. Amy Marnecheck, OD, Kenneth Wich, OD (Seebreeze Eye Care) 91 Waldo Ave., Belfast
    1. Phone: 338-1480.
    2. Accepting new patients

As of March 29, 2023, Howard Hoyt, M.D. retired
and our practice is closed