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New in Optical

July 2012: The Varilux™ S series of progressive lenses.  Improvements in lens design and manufacturing including 13 new patents to improve vision function and comfort when wearing progressive lenses.

January, 2012: After many years in the optical business and working with Hoyt Eye Care Center, optician Marleen Perron has retired. We are pleased to welcome Angela Edmondson as the new optician at Hoyt Eye Care Center. This Maine native is certified by the American Board of Opticianry, and has worked as an optician in central Maine since 1991. She is a wonderful addition to the office, and we know she will carry on the tradition set by Marleen Perron of providing great optical service to our customers.

2011: Hoyt Eye Care Center installed Visioffice from Essilor. This device, only the second one in Maine, takes the most accurate measurements possible for manufacturing new spectacle lenses. This is particularly required for the new premium progressive lenses such as the Comfort Enhanced, Physio Enhanced, and Ipseo lenses from Essilor that provide the sharpest vision with the least distortion . Also, this device can take photographs of you trying on new frames to compare up to 4 images side by side, then e-mail them to you to review later or show to others if you desire.







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